The Garden

The garden comprises of lawns and substantial beds, and mature trees, surrounded on two sides, by a grade 2 listed, 18th century serpentine wall, (referred locally to, as a crinkle crankle wall). In one corner, there is also an 18th century gazebo (folly). Although close to the town centre, the garden offers an oasis of calm and tranquillity for the people that live and come to stay at the Red House. The theme of the garden is "cottage garden", with beds planted out in a largely informal style, with colour throughout the year. Established plant favourites, such as scented roses, and lavender feature, and annual bedding is mainly grown from seed and cuttings in the two greenhouses on site. The garden is planted and maintained in such a way, so as to encourage wildlife. A raised bed has been built purposely for use by the residents who are encouraged, if they so wish, to help with maintaining the garden. There are several fruit trees, comprising of apple, pear, plum and bullace, along with a small vegetable plot, and the produce is often used in the kitchen. 

In 1998, the garden was given a significant makeover by Notcutts, and the paths were reshaped and re-laid, to allow easier access to various areas of the garden. A pergola was added, to help provide shade in the summer, and to add shape and form to the garden. A three tiered pond was added to the patio area, which is stocked with plants and fish. During the spring, the pond is always visited by ducks that often choose to rear their young in the area. An extra special feature has been added to the pond, in the form of "duck steps", purpose built to allow access in and out of the pond by the ducklings, thus providing extra free entertainment for all!

a1 Red House - April 2018 6

During the year, the garden is sometimes opened to the general public, as part of open garden day charity events, and various other garden events also take place. We have won local awards for "Best Unconventional Garden", and "Best Natural Garden".