Daily Life

We employ a full time Activities Co-ordinator whose mission is to make sure the residents enjoy as fulfilling, stimulating and varied life as is appropriate to them. 

Red House 9

Some of the activities that are currently available include exercise to music and singing. We have found that the karaoke machine is as popular with the staff as it is the residents! Our Residents also engage in painting and there is a gardening club. The Activities Co-ordinator holds reminiscence games and quizzes which enable the residents to talk about past experiences. This is good for their memory and general wellbeing. We also hold regular bingo sessions for those who enjoy it and those who do not can avoid them!

Red House 6

Our Activities Co-ordinator also arranges for trips into the community for those less physically able to make journeys on their own. Residents can have lunches out. 

We arrange many trips from the home throughout the year. These have included recently visits to Flatford Mill, Tiptree jam factory and local supermarkets so that our residents can experience normal life. They have been on Stour Valley boat trips and visits to the local garden centres, Museums pubs and tea rooms

We also organise a variety of entertainment within the Red House. These include a mixed variety of shows and we consult with the residents to find out what they would like to see. We arrange trips to tea dances at the Delphi social club. Several of our residents were very keen dancers in their early days. There are quizzes and competitions. We hold annual events such as our strawberry tea and regular coffee mornings and cheese and wine parties. We have garden parties with fireworks displays and Annual Remembrance Services.

The activities Co-ordinator has regular informal chats with the residents on a one to one basis to give them the chance to express their concerns and wishes.

Our residents are very much involved in the planning of our activities. Many of the events have originated from suggestions made by individuals. We recognise that each individual brings to us a lifetime of experiences, interests and knowledge and so far as is possible we will do our best to enable them to continue to enjoy those activities.

We also have religious services every Wednesday and sometimes on Sundays as well. Every second Sunday the Salvation Army attends to give a personal service.

Red House 5

Our Activities Co-ordinator encourages all residents to participate and join in but ultimately we recognise it is a matter of personal choice.

No one is made to participate if they do not wish to do so.