Covid 19 Updates


Following the recent anncouncement from the Government that the country is again in a full lockdown, we have had confirmation that visting in our external visiting room can still continue.

Our visiting room is fully functional with a substantial screen dividing the two parts as recommended by legislation.

If we receive further updates, or the current guidelines change, we will of course post them here.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Unfortunately, since our last update we received back a small number of positive results from our regular testing.

Following procedures and protocols the home went into full lockdown.

The residents have been isolating in their rooms for 14 days as required by Public Health England and the Local Authority, it was something that we hated to do as we are not just isolating them physically but also physiologically, it was very humbling to see how they took it in their stride and accepted what was happening.

Our last two rounds of tests for staff and residents have all returned back with negative results, they also arrived back very quickly, some the next day, most within 48 hours.

Since Monday 30th November the residents were able to move about the house and enjoy each others company again, join in activities and receive visits in the garden from family and friends.

The only thing that is slightly different for them is that the seating arrangement in the dining room has been slightly juggled about to avoid face to face contact. Mealtimes continue to run smoothly with the new seating arrangements.

If anything changes then you will of course be notified straight away.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Good news! After a long wait the windows and doors have arrived for our visiting room and were installed yesterday. Now that the unit is watertight the interior can be finished and final electrics put in place, and we can now colour match the exterior stain with the door frame colour. Should now move along a pace, so watch this space!!

Also, regular testing continues and all cases remain negative.

In line with PHE "any outbreak is declared ended with no further symptomatic cases in past 28 days", we have 9 days to go.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager

Meeting Room 5



It’s been a while since our last update, but there hasn’t been much to report, but we have some information to share with you today.

1. After the weekends announcement for a new 4 week lockdown, we have been awaiting guidance on visiting rules. These were received this morning and we are happy to confirm there will be no change to the current visiting policy at the Red House. 

Just to confirm the policy – it is 2 people for 30 minutes, wearing full PPE,  temperature taken, socially distanced, entering and exiting through the garden gate, supervised from a distance by a member of staff.

2. As you maybe aware 2 weeks ago during our standard COVID-19 weekly testing, 3 members of staff results came back with a positive result. One member of staff was on duty when the result came in and they were sent home straight away, the other 2 were telephoned and told not to come into work. All 3 had no symptoms when the tests were carried out. All remaining staff and residents were tested again straight away and have been tested again since, with all results coming back negative. The 3 members of staff have been at home and isolating for the recommended 10 days (guidance from PHE) and none have shown any symptoms. They have all been retested and we are pleased to confirm that their results have come back negative, and following guidance from PHE they will resume their duties soon.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager 


The home is still maintaining regular testing for staff and residents, with testing kits being supplied in quantity and on time, and we still remain COVID free with no staff in isolation.

Just a reminder that any new residents joining us will be tested a few days before arrival to ensure they don't have to stay in their rooms after joining us.

Carol and Vanessa are attending all webinars provided by to ensure that we are complying and keeping upto date with regulations and advice.

We will also be complying with the governments Adult Social Care Corona Virus Winter Plan 2020/2021 which illustrates the governments ambitions for the sector and the challanges facing adult social care this winter.

We have also joined the NHS Track & Trace system, if you have downloaded the new app which is available from today, you will find a QR Code displayed in our noticeboard outside the main gate for you to scan with your mobile when you visit.

The new meeting room is coming along, the basic structure is now complete, and we are now awaiting the uPVC doors, windows and glass panels, which are unfortunately on a 3/4 week wait as they have to be specially made, we couldn't preorder these as the sizes were unknown until the structure was built. In the meantime power should be going in next week and the external face will get its first coat of woodstain soon after that.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Insulation is in, roof and sides are on, floor is down

Meeting Room 4
Meeting Room 3



Our new meeting room is now well underway. We can confirm that this will be a 'proper' room, not just a large shed! which will be fully insulated against the elements and be supplied with heat and light to make the whole visiting experience as comfortable and as 'Red House' as possible.

Meeting Room 2
Meeting Room
Meeting Room 1



Our apologies for not updating this site in the last few weeks, it has been a very busy time for us here at the Red House.

The good news is that we remain Covid-19 free, with no cases reported.

In the last few weeks testing has increased and all residents are being tested monthly with their consent, and all staff members are being tested weekly. Our residents seem to have taken everything in their stride, keeping their sense of humour and spirits up, and are being updated on changes and guidance with regular residents meetings and newsletters.

Following current guidelines, all staff (without exception), tradesmen and professional visitors are required to wear face masks (or visors where applicable) and gloves. The only entrance to the house is through the back door and a walk through a disinfectant mat, and where necessary they will be accompanied by a member of staff for their visit.

The other good news is that (as you are probably all aware) at the beginning of August we finally opened our gates and allowed friends and relatives to visit their loved ones in our spacious garden in a controlled and supervised environment, following all safeguards and wearing suitable PPE. This has been very successful and the weather for the most part has been good to us, and it has been lovely to see everybody reunited after such a long time apart.

Unfortunately, as the seasons change this is not going to remain an ideal solution. We have no plans to open the home up again to visitors, so we are embarking on building a permanent fully functional meeting room in the garden (funded by the Governments Care Home Infection Control Grant). This will provide the perfect place to meet your loved ones in all weather conditions. Our builders (Whybrow Property Solutions) hope to start this project next week and should be ready by mid September (hopefully we can post some photos here as it progresses). 

We do currently have room vacancies (Including fully funded Social Services) although at the moment you will be unable to come in and look around, we are able to provide you with a video tour, answer any questions and provide you with all the information you need. New residents will be tested upon arrival and asked to stay in their rooms until the results are received (3-4 days seems to be the normal time for results to come back at the moment).

As always, if you have any questions or concerns (or just want a chat) then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager


We thought we would share this latest update from ACS (Adult Community Services - Suffolk County Council):

"There is understandably, increasing focus and media coverage of the impact caused to people living in care settings (and families) who have stopped receiving visits and are struggling with that. Currently many of the government guidance documents are under review, however the existing guidance for social care remains unchanged at present, which is 'Family and friends should be advised not to visit care homes, except in exceptional circumstances' therefore ACS would advise waiting until the actual guidance is changed prior to care settings re-establishing visits.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Good news is always worth sharing – following recent updated guidelines, all staff and residents have been tested for Covid-19 and this has given us a completely clean bill of health. It’s what we expected, but it’s still always reassuring to have it confirmed. Thank you so much to all our carers, domestics, entertainment, maintenance, chefs and kitchen staff, who have done such an amazing job keeping our residents safe, well and happy in these challenging times.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Despite the slight lifting of some lockdown restrictions, The Red House still remains closed. We will make an informed decision when information has been received from the CQC and Government on the best way to proceed, but it remains clear that our sector will remain closed for some time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Stoke by Nayland Golf Ladies, Stoke WI and friends from the surrounding areas for the kind donations of scrubs and overshoes. Very much appreciated by us all.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


The Red House will remain closed to visitors for the forseeable future.

We would like to remind all friends and family that we have various means of video calling, Facetime, Google Duo and Skype are all available, as well as normal telephone, email and don't forget good old fashioned hand written letters always go down well with the older generation!

Again, if you have any worries or just want an update please do not hesitate to call us, we will be happy to speak to you.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


Carol would like to thank Alan & Marilyn Austin who donated 'comfort bags' to all our staff, donations to fill the bags were kindly donated from friends/family and the Sudbury WI Chairman Marie.

Poundland donated bags of assorted sweets and chocolate for residents and staff, this scheme was set up by Poundland and customers whilst in store, then Poundland doubled all contributions!! Thank you x

Carol Vaughan - Manager


We are still closed to all non-essential visitiors, family and friends.

All visiting District Nurses are supplied, by us, with full PPE, masks, gloves, aprons, face and foot shields. Any other contractors visiting site are supplied with appropriate PPE to the area where they are working.

Andrew has been busy procuring (begging, pleading and calling in favours!) essential supplies for the home, and we have very good stocks of gloves, masks, aprons, face shields, cleaning and disinfectant supplies. We also have foot disinfectant trays being delivered, to be placed by the doors for all incoming foot traffic. 

We have had some very kind donations from Sudbury Waitrose, Tescos, Sainsburys and the Co-op in Canon Road Gt Cornard. We also received an amazing donation of 25 face shields from Paul Murray at based in Hedingham who have retasked their 3D printers to make homemade face shields for the care sector, so a big thank you to them.

As and when the situation changes, we will update this page as necessary.

Again, we thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation in these difficult circumstances.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


We are sorry to inform you that, for the moment, The Red House is now closed to visitors, families and friends.

Facetime, email and the telephone are all available.

If you do need to see your relative, it is recommended you telephone first and speak to either myself, Vanessa (Assistant Manager) or the Senior on duty.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


The Red House is now asking all visitors to reconsider making unnecessary visits at this time.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Carol Vaughan - Manager


At the Red House we follow all guidelines set out by GOV.UK, CQC (Care Quality Comission) and the CCG (Clinical Comissioning Group).


'To minimise the risk of transmission, care home providers are advised to review their visiting policy, by asking no one to visit who has suspected COVID-19 or is generally unwell, and by emphasising good hand hygiene for visitors. Contractors on site should be kept to a minimum (which we have done), The review should also consider the WELL-BEING OF RESIDENTS, AND THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF SEEING FRIENDS AND FAMILY'.

The Red House is still welcoming visitors as we are following the above advice, there are numerous demographics and information displayed at both entrances to the building and we ask that visitors read them before entering, as well as numerous hand sanitiser stations located throught the home.

This situation is obviously ongoing, and we are receiving new and updated information on a daily basis.

If we are advised to close our doors to visitors, we will update this information on the website.

Please fell free to email me with any questions you may have and i will do my best to give you an answer.

Warm Wishes

Carol Vaughan - Manager