Once we are satisfied about your identity and that your relative will welcome your visit we have an open door policy. Regular visitors are given the code to the security gate. You do not have to make an appointment. We do not have set visiting hours. Our Residents are welcome to have visitors (including well behaved pets and children on leads) at any sensible time of day or evening that suits them. Visitors are welcome to join the Residents for a meal if they wish. You will need to book in advance so the catering staff know how many to cook for. A nominal charge will be made to cover the cost of the food but it certainly will not be restaurant charges although you will find the quality will be as good if not better.

Red House 3


As far as we are concerned the Red House is your relatives home and we do not restrict who they want to see and when and if you want to take them out for the day that is absolutely fine provided that you tell a senior member of staff and sign the visitors' book.

If you want to talk to our Manager she will be happy to meet you at any time in normal working hours if she is free or make an appointment if she is not. You will always find one of our senior staff on duty to talk to you as well if you have any concerns or questions.