Our Staff

Our staff bring their personal strengths and specialisms together to form a strong team with one aim to provide the highest standard of care for our residents. The majority are local people.

Residents and visitors frequently comment that our staff smile a lot. They do this because they enjoy their work. We separate the duties so that the care staff are not expected to be involved in the cleaning and catering which gives them more time to devote to the personal care of the residents. Whichever department the staff work in they all get to know and engage with the residents. We employ a committed team who recognize that their personal duty is to ensure the comfort, security and happiness of each of our residents and their family and friends who need their support and attention as well.

When you come to the Red House, perhaps to decide whether we are the right home for you or maybe when visiting a friend or relative please do watch the staff and see how they relate to our residents. You will notice that however busy they are they always find the time to stop and talk and listen. Providing care involves far more than attending to a residents physical needs. This is especially important when a new resident joins us because they are bound to be emotional, lonely or simply shy being surrounded by strangers having just left their home which they may have lived in for decades. We do recognise this and work very hard to deal with it.

We have over 50 members of staff. Most of them have worked for us for many years which allows an important continuity of care and relationships for our residents. Our turnover of staff is minimal.  We try to avoid using agency staff if at all possible. We consider that the close relationship between the staff and residents is vital.